5 reasons to protect your cars underbody

Five reasons to protect your cars underbody

1. Underbody sealing of your vehicle will extend the longevity of the vehicles body by providing both a physical and a chemical barrier against the causes of corrosion. 
2. For a vehicle already showing rust around the chassis, floor or suspension components our service will either massively reduce the degree of rust penetration or hold it in a state similar to suspended animation preventing further oxidation.  
3. Undersealing a car body will help reduce the frequency of further expenses relating to structural  corrosion of the body or suspension. 
4. Protecting the running gear maintains vehicle performance over time by structurally maintaining component materials. Long lasting components means less expenditure on part over the lifetime of the ownership.
5. Helps to retain value in your vehicle and can increase vehicle resale value and desirability.

Underbody protection service cost

The average cost of the service we provide is:

Small – medium sized carLarge Cars -SUV /4×4Large 4×4

Variations to cost:

Potential additional costs at hourly rate of £40:

Excessive corrosion taking longer than 6hrs to remove.

Repair of broken threads and the removal of sheered and cold welded bolts

We do go a lot deeper in to your car then your M.O.T inspector will and it is possible that we may reveal holes. Luckly we can weld and fabricate repair sections in most cases. If a hole is discovered we will send you a picture and an estimation of the cost to repair before continuing.

Parts: Commonly we will need to replace some plastic body clips and rusted screws. These and any parts purchased on behalf of the client will be added to the bill at the end of the job.

booking in your car

If you would like more information about the processes we carry out during vehicle underbody protection coating click here