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Just to be clear THIS IS not an underbody restoration service. An underbody restoration not requiring any welding will still involve removal of all underbody parts, ancillary components and ideally the engine All the aforementioned parts and components will be media/vapour blasted, coated in epoxy along with the underbody. The body and parts will then have factory style coatings applied + along with any colours required. Once dry all can be coated in A clear protection coat prior to being reassembly with new bushes, joints, fuel and brake, plastic under treys, hoses and fixings and fastenings. Underbody restoration is likely to set you back circa £8k-£12k + parts. hense why this most economically viable when a vehicle is being nut and bolt restored.  

On the opposite side of the scale WE DO NOT just apply a few litres of waxoyl over rust and thick moist dirt (trust me I have actually seen cars with this done).


Unlike the restoration alternative we don’t take everything apart blast and clean all traces of rust making the underside like new again. But we can extend the cars usable life considerably at a fraction of the cost of a underbody restoration. 

Here is our process for application of vehicle rust proofing/prevention

Average total labour time 13hrs split over 3 days to accommodate periods of drying.

Unlike underbody restoration we cannot get to all surface. On average we can get to approx 90% of the surfaces under a vehicle, luckily the inaccessible areas are by nature dryer and don’t tend to rust prefusly.

This service is not going to be as meticulous as a restoration nor is it going to be a miracle reset button on a heavily corroded vehicle. But it will slow down, halt or completely stop corrosion for a long time to come.

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