Levels of service

Just to clarify we do not offer an underbody restoration service purely because of the cost involved. Instead we offer a cost effective solution for protecting car underbodies and halting existing rust.

On the opposite side of the scale we do not just apply a few litres of waxoyl over rust and thick moist dirt (trust me I have actually seen cars with this done).

So how does our service work?

Unlike an underbody restoration, Underbody protection does not require blasting and painting of every individual part. Our intension is not to make the car look new, our focus is to preserve the car.

To do this we use market leading brands such as Dinitrol and Built Hamber. Using well proven chemicals and some significant elbow grease we can effectively extend the cars usable life considerably at a fraction of the cost compared to a underbody restoration service. 

Our vehicle rust proofing process

Average total labour time 13hrs split over 3 days to accommodate periods of drying.

This service is not going to be as meticulous as a restoration nor is it going to be a miracle reset button on a heavily corroded vehicles. But it will slow down, halt or completely stop corrosion for a long time to come.

Day 1. Remove wheels, plastic Shields, side skirts 2-3hrs Labour.

The vehicle is then degreased and pressure cleaned to remove loose debris and expose any surface coating failures 2-3hrs Labour. Air blown to aid drying and left over night.

Day 2. Once the vehicle is dry any visible areas of rust are either pneumatically removed with a needler or electric grinder with wire wheel. – 6hrs is usually adequate for this stage exceptionally rusty vehicles will incur additional charges for additional time required. 

The next stage is to apply a rust inhibitor convertor solution. This is brush applied to gain access where spray equipment will not access- 2.5hrs application time. Left overnight to dry

Day 3. Under body protection coating applied, Dinitrol or Built Hamber protection coat depending on clients vehicle usage type 1.5hrs. 

The next stage is to load the cavities and chassis with a cavity/rust converting wax. This is high pressure lanced in to sill panels and box sections of the car and its chassis. We also apply this cavity wax to inside the doors, bonnet and boot and where accessible the rear inner wheel arch cavity as a courtesy service. On convertibles we will also check your drainage tubes for blockages. 

The vehicles treys and under shields are then refitted along with the wheels and then the car is ready for collection. New plastic body clips maybe required and are a chargeable item.   

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